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Newspaper Earth mobile

Give a new life to newspaper, turn it into this georgeous Newspaper Eath Mobile. It's not only budget friendly, but also a great way to teach kids of how recycled can save our earth.


  • Green and blue paint

  • Balloon

  • Newspaper

  • Scissors

  • Paper cup

  • Paper punch

  • Twine or Yarn

  • Recycled Chopstick


1. Blow up the balloon, squirt some paint on the tray. Dip your balloon into paint and stamp it onto newspaper. Let it dry.

2. Use paper cup to trace the circles. Carefully cut the circles, make two small holes with paper puncher.

3. Weave the twine in and out of each circle. The length will depends on how many circles you want.

4. Tie the end of twine onto chopstick, hangup the Earth mobile and let's decorate your room!

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