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Race Car

Do you collect cereal box or packaging box at home? Guess what, you have to try this super cute race car. It is a perfect play craft activity to do with your kids.


You’ll need:

Cereal box / food packaging box




Construction paper


Washi tape and stickers


Cut a square in the front of the cereal box. Paint your boxes, we used acrylic paint for this project. You can use any paint that available at your home such as tempera or water colour paint. Let it dry completely, ours took about 15 minutes to dry.

Let’s decorate our cars!! Glue 2 bottle caps for the headlights. Add some decorations to the top with some washi tape and stickers. Creating wheels from blue construction paper, cut smaller circles from black construction paper and attach wheels to the sides of the box.

For the road, we cut black construction paper into paper strips and glue them onto table. Finally, start your engines! Our friends are ready for a battle. Who‘s gonna win??

Say cheese -__ - smile for the camera!! Pinky cat is the winner. We had fun painting and creating this project. Hope you enjoy this craft activity with your loved ones too.


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