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Pipe Cleaner Pals

Let's get creative with pipe cleaner! Turn everyday craft materials into these cute bendy pals. It's so easy and super fun to make.


  • Pipe cleaners

  • Straws - we used paper straws

  • Beads

  • Yarn

  • Marker


Bend your pipe cleaner in half, thread your bead on and push it down slowly. Leave a gap on top for the hair.

Choose your materials for the hair, we used yarn and fabric strips. Place the hair inside the loop, cut and adjust to desired length. Pull the pipe cleaner through the bead as tight as possible to secure the hair.

Get another pipe cleaner and twist it around the body to make the arms. Add beads for the body, add more beads and straws for the arms and legs. Fold the ends of pipe cleaner over to secure it.

Add details like eyes and mouth using marker pen.

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