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Paper Donut Craft

Are you a fan of donuts? Donut worry be happy These adorable paper donut craft will brighten your day, guaranteed. A great activity to make with your kids over Summer Break.

You'll Need:

Brown Paper or paper bag

Coloured Paper



Step 1: Creating donut shape

For a donut shape, begin by rolling an A4 paper diagonally.

Cut brown paper or paper bag bigger than the rolled up strip (white paper) . Make sure to leave some paper out at the end about 2 inch (refer picture below for reference).

Add some glue and roll the paper up. Keep rolling until you get close to the end. Bend it into a circle and glue into a round shape. You’ll have to squash and shape it a bit with your hands until it form a donut shape.

Step 2: Make your frosting and sprinkles

What is your favourite frosting flavour? Your kids can be creative, think of different “flavours” of frosting to put on their donuts. A pink colour would be great for strawberry lovers. Red and yellow would look delicious too! We want to create summer donut, we picked bright and vibrant colour for the frosting.

Let's cut our frosting. Place the paper donut over a piece of coloured paper and trace around the outside to get the right shape for the frosting.

Make sprinkles with leftover paper scraps. Make paper fringe and cut them into sprinkles and sprinkle them over frosting. Check out our creation below!

Lastly, glue your frosting on top of paper donut

Step 3: Final touch

We used egg carton box to display our donut. Our mini donut shop is ready!

Do you have a child who would love to colour? Checkout our free printable COLOUR THE DONUTS You can print the free colouring sheet by clicking the link below. Feel free to print one, or as many as you need.



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