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Have you tried origami with your kids? We love this ancient folding paper technique because you dont't have to use scissors or glue to make it. This simple origami tree is perfect for beginner. Origami is good for kids to develop hand eye coordination, fine motor development, improves concentration and spatial awareness.


A square sheet of green paper in multiple sizes


1) Start with a square paper. Green side up, fold the paper diagonally and open then fold again in the other direction.

2) Flip the paper, white side up fold the paper in half, open and fold again in the other direction.

3) Using the creases you have made, bring the top three corners to the bottom corner.Then press flat

4) Fold towards the centre line and unfold.

5) Using the crease you have just made, open and flatten this flap

6) Repeat step 4 and 5 on the other 3 sides and your model will looks like this.

7) Make sure there are equal flaps underneath the model and the top flat is showing green colour

8) Fold whole model along this crease and unfold

9) Fold each full colour flap backwards underneath itself and you're done!

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