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Mother’s Day collage

Mother's day is just around the corner, give her a handmade gift that is easy and fun to create. This beautiful mother's day collage with flowers and bling will make mom happy!!


Cardboard circle

Cardboard letters (M,O,M)

Gem stickers

Embroidery flowers

Pom-pom trim

Hot glure gun



First, cut cardboard into circle shape about 11 inch diameter, the size is depending on how big you want it to be. I hand drew the word MOM and cut it into size that fit the circle. We found this blue cardboard from our cardboard stack, it's perfect for our theme.

Next, glue pom-pom trim along the circle and glue the letters on top. Cover the letters with gem stickers. Decorate the circle with embrodery flowers and more gems.

Add more bling and we are done. You can hang this fancy collage on the wall or display it on easle stand. Happy Mother's Day!!

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