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Hello fish! - collages

What is your favorite fish? I love puffer fish because it’s cute. We created fish craft inspired by gorgeous picture book “Hooray for Fish!” written by Lucy Cousins. We love the book because it’s extremely colourful with splashes of vibrant colours. The book is about little fish has all sorts of fishy friends in his underwater home, but loves one of them most of all.

For this project you’ll need:

- Cardboard

- Paint

- Scissors

- Glue

- Tissue paper

- Markers

Cardboard Fish

- To begin, we drew variety of fish on the cardboard, cut them with scissor.

- Painted our fish in vibrant and colorful colours, let the paint dry for about 10minutes.

Decorate the fish

- Once the paint is dry, cut tissue paper into different shapes, we made paper scallops and paper fringes.

- Add some glue on top of the cardboard fish and decorate with paper shapes.

- For a final touch, we created an outline with markers, add some patterns and lines too.

Hey, can you spot a cute fish with eyelash and spotty pattern??. Instead of fish Amanda requested to create a jelly fish. She made a sparkly jelly fish with a bow on the head. We used paper clips to hook the fish and hang them on the wall as it would look great as part of an under water display at our craft room.

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