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Craft Stick Fairy

Sparkle up your day! Get your supplies and sprinkle some magic dust in the air. I'm sure your child will love this simple and cute fairy craft.

You'll need:

  • Giant Craft Sticks

  • Coloured tissue paper

  • Yarn

  • Fabric (felt, net)

  • Glitter paper

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Gem Stickers


1. Cut out tissue paper into rectangular shape about 6" x 4". To make a fairy dress, wrap the paper around craft stick and make sure it fully covered. Secure the dress with yarn.

2. For the wings, cut out glitter paper and fabric into wing shapes. Attached to the back of fairies with some glue. We used glue gun to secure the wings. We altered the dress to make it more pretty. You can create any design that you like too.

3. Colour the hair and shoes with marker or pen. You can also use yarn or felt fabric to make the hair. Finally add some gem stickers to your fairies to make it more sparkly.

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