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Bee Painting

Have you tried prinmaking with your kids at home? You can create lots of paint marks using different printing tools such as using sponge, bubble wrap, toy wheels and many more. This time we decided to try collagraph printmaking.

Collagraph printmaking is the next level of collage and it involve few process to complete. Collagrpahs are fun to make and budget friendly, you can gather materials from kitchen or recycled bin.


For this project you'll need:

  • Foam sheet

  • Cardstock

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Cardboard box

Step 1: Cut cardboard stock into hexagon shape. Make a beehive by tracing the hexagon cardstock shape onto paper. Make sure to fill in the paper.

Step 2: We painted our “beehive comb” in rainbow colour using tempera paint Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Cut out your foam into bee shape, assemble the bee like picture below and glue it onto cardboard.

Step 4: Paint your foam bee in black. Stamp and press it nicely onto paper.

Look at our colourful creation!

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